Ad/Traffic Fraud For Beginners – Three Easy Steps

The marketing profession’s awareness of online advertising fraud and non-human traffic (NHT) is steeply rising. A recent test attack by a group of experts on popular online video platforms including Google’s YouTube rated the platforms highly vulnerable to ad fraud.

“When the researchers sent the bots to visit two particular videos 150 times, YouTube’s public view counter identified only 25 of the views as real. However, AdWords, Google’s service for advertisers, charged the researchers for 91 of the bot visits.

In other words, Google’s core advertising engine charged the researchers for the bot visits even though YouTube was clearly able to identify them as fake.” Google charges for YouTube ads even when viewed by robots

Professionals (read the WPP POV here) and mainstream publications worldwide echoed the test results asking questions about how fraud is carried out. Here we give you three practical and eye-opening examples.

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